Dr. Mandy Mirabelle is poised to inherit her family’s ancestral mental institution when a debilitating phobia of its eerie old wing puts her birthright at risk. Something wicked befell her there seven years ago, and the trauma inflicted her with amnesia. Only her boyfriend Gordon was a witness to what happened, but he’s a psychotic inpatient at her hospital now, and he’s lost all contact with reality.

Convinced that Gordon holds the key to the mystery, quack inventor Edward G. Perniferous uses a quantum mechanical machine to transport himself into Gordon’s unconscious mind. There he encounters a vast dreamworld imbued with a strange history, and a crumbling island kingdom on the brink of a dragon attack. Gordon is the realm’s dispirited ruler, but his memory of Mandy is distorted, and he has little recollection of the past.

In the waking world, Mandy’s efforts to uncover the truth have landed her in danger with her unscrupulous cousins, the Von Metzgers. She discovers that they’ve been using hospital patients to test an experimental WWII Nazi drug. Its purpose is to create the fearless soldier, and Gordon is being used as their primary test subject.

Blending the genres of technothriller, epic fantasy, steampunk, geek culture and satire, Gilliam Ness has created a one-of-a-kind sci-fi series abounding with unforgettable characters, absurd premises, epic plots, and deep world-building. A magnificent adventure awaits you!

“Gordon’s Feast is a must read for anyone with an inner nerd. It’s a hilarious, unforgettable book, and sure to join the ranks of the great epic fantasies.”